Precision Dairy Nutrition for Women’s Self-Help Groups in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh


In 2014 and 2015, we worked with village women's Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh to define more dairy nutrition regimens that can be applied using local resources.  Our work was based on our previous 2011-2012 Community and Family Surveys,  animal clinics, and our conversations with women about animal husbandry and economic practices in their villages in West Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. 

Our precision nutrition regimen is tied to the lactation cycle of animals on which these women rely for family nutrition and income.  We simplified the regimen so that it can be applied by mostly illiterate village women based on their own observations of the lactation cycle and their own timekeeping from calving, re-breeding, and post-calving dry periodThe regimen makes best use of locally available green pasture (sorghum, grasses, etc.), dry forage (rice straw, maize, jawar, etc.), brewer's yeast, and supplement concentrate. 

We coordinated our research with US and Indian experts at the veterinary school in Hyderabad whose goals align with Mere Saathi's.  They acknowledged the significant gap in India between ruminant nutrition research initiatives in India and the people who would actually benefit from this knowledge.  Partners in Hyderabad are developing a nutrition mobile app to help dairy farmers apply precise nutrition regimens.  These efforts suggest potentially important collaborative opportunities. 

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