Chandra Patel is a lot like you.

We partner with over 100 women in poor villages near Kachhwa in Uttar Pradesh state, India.  We treat their dairy cattle for parasites, so they produce more milk.  More milk means more nutrition for children and independent income for women.  Get to know them.   Become a Mere Saathi Village Partner.



Chandra is Competent and Generous

Chandra Patel lives in Lachhapur.  While her husband works at the Kachhwa hospital, Chandra takes care of their children and looks after their 5 buffalo and 4 goats. 

Chandra has three boys ages 3, 5, and 7. The youngest lives with Chandra's mother, because Chandra can't provide enough income for his nourishment, growth, and education.  Here are the numbers and how Mere Saathi can help Chandra make ends meet:

Chandra and her family consume about 1 liter of milk per day.  If the cattle can produce more, Chandra can sell this surplus.  But parasites and disease limit Chandra's buffalo to produce less than 1/2 liter of milk each.  After feeding her family, she has barely enough to sell and earn a dollar per day.

Parasite treatments by the Mere Saathi team can double milk production for Chandra and her family.  Chandra plans to save the extra money to invest in more animals, to produce and sell more milk.  She will add a room to her modest house - enough sleeping room for all three of her children.  And bring her youngest child back home.

Help Chandra bring her child back home.

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