What we're given. Who we are.

We are veterinary doctors and technicians serving poor women in rural villages of India. We have day jobs. We plan and carry out Mere Saathi projects pro bono and work in country on our own time.  

Dalit ("Untouchable") women might call us mere saathi - my friend and partner. 

Our passion to serve grew out of our visits to India while veterinary students at the UPenn School of Veterinary Medicine. We saw that our training in One Health - the idea that human and animal well-being are intimately tied - can have deep impact in rural Indian villages, where poor women, their families, and their livestock live close together and are interdependent. 

We focus on the health and livelihood of Dalit women in rural villages. Our goal is simple: Safeguard the health of village women and their families, and improve women’s livelihood and independence by increasing the milk production and improving the health of their livestock - cows, buffalo, and goats. 

You can join us in this important work. Learn more here