Mere Saathi Village Partners sustain the work of healing animals and empowering women in the poorest villages.

Together we are partners with the women we serve in the poorest villages of Uttar Pradesh.

We help them by helping their dairy animals.  They help us understand what it means to grow and live in a culture much different from our own.   We are Partners - Mere Saathi.

Mere Saathi Village Partners are a small group committed to donating $100 per year (as little as $9 per month) to sustain this work together.  

Mere Saathi Village Partners meet annually with Dr. Audrey Barker and the Mere Saathi volunteers to review progress, hear the names and stories of the women we serve, and plan our work together for the upcoming year. 

Many Partners also volunteer with us to provide the veterinary, legal, financial, and communications support that sustains this work.  Please use the form below to learn more.

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mere saathi village partner

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