Meet three village women. They're a lot like you.

We partner with over 100 women in poor villages near Kachhwa in Uttar Pradesh state, India.  We treat their dairy cattle for parasites, so they produce more milk.  More milk means more nutrition for children and independent income for women.  Get to know them.   Become a Mere Saathi Village Partner.

 Arshima Debi and here children, Shritha and Amit

Arshima Debi and here children, Shritha and Amit

Arshima Debi is Brave and Kind

Arshima Debi lives in Baraini with her husband and two children, Amit and Shritha.

Arshima lives in the village surrounded by her extended family - 11 households that together keep 10 buffalo, 9 cows, and 18 goats.  Arshima helps her relatives by caring for all these animals. The animals know her and trust her. 

We saw this for ourselves.  Many of the families' buffalo and cows were afraid of us strangers, and we could not approach to measure their girth and apply the parasite treatment.  But they trusted Arshima to do all this.

Arshima stepped up and took charge. We taught her how to use the tape to measure the animal, estimate its weight, and determine the proper dose.  She learned quickly. With her children watching, she used the applicator to douse six buffalo and four cows with parasite treatment. Purging parasites can double Arshima's milk production within three years.

The animals knew here and trusted her.  Because she cares for them several times a day, they were at ease and comfortable with her.

Arshima takes charge to measure and treat her own buffalo.

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Muni Yadav holds kids.jpg

Munni Yadav is Resourceful

Munni Yadav lives in Kachhwa Dih.  She is a subsistence farmer; she has a small plot of land where she grows only enough food for her family.  Her only cash income is from selling milk that her three buffalo produce

Before receiving parasite treatment from Mere Saathi and the Kachhwa Outreach Team, Munni's buffalo produced an average of 1 liter of milk each - 3 liters total per day.  This is far short of the average daily milk production of 10 liters per day for healthy Indian buffalo - from animals that are free of parasites and disease. 

Munni gets 32 rupees (50 cents) per liter in the marketplace, so her average income is $1.50 per day.  With this money, she can just afford to send her kids to school, rather than send them to work in the fields.

We expect Mere Saathi's parasite treatment will help Munni's buffalo produce 50% more milk within a year.  What will Munni do with the extra income?  She said she'll save up to buy another buffalo. Then she can sell more from milk and save enough money to send her children to college. 

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Chandra Patel is Competent and Generous

Chandra Patel lives in Lachhapur.  While her husband works at the Kachhwa hospital, Chanda takes care of their children and looks after their 5 buffalo and 4 goats. 

Chandra has three boys ages 3, 5, and 7. The youngest lives with Chandra's mother, because Chandra can't provide enough income for his nourishment, growth, and education.  Here are the numbers and how Mere Saathi can help Chandra make ends meet:

Chandra and her family consume about 1 liter of milk per day.  If the cattle can produce more, Chandra can sell this surplus.  But parasites and disease limit Chandra's buffalo to produce less than 1/2 liter of milk each.  After feeding her family, she has barely enough to sell and earn a dollar per day.

Parasite treatments by the Mere Saathi can double milk production for Chandra and her family.  Chandra plans to save the extra money she's to invest in more animals, to produce and sell more mill.  She will add a room to her modest house - enough sleeping room for all three of her children.  And bring her youngest child back home.

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