Welcome to Mere Saathi.

The standard of life for low-caste villagers in India is intimately tied to the health of the animals in their care. This is especially true for the women of Dalit villages.


Our STORY . our mission

Mere Saathi began in 2010 with one goal in mind - help people by helping animals. This idea was sparked from a One Health lecture given in a UPenn veterinary classroom. Ever since, founder Dr. Audrey Barker and Mere Saathi partners have worked closely with various organizations and individuals on the ground in India to research the unique and intricate connection between the well-being of village women and the animals they keep, in order to impact facets of the One Health paradigm that have the most significant effect on improving the lives of Dalit village women and their families.

Mere Saathi's mission is to provide focused, need based veterinary support to Dalit village women and their families in an effort to empower them and improve their economic independence, personal health, and nutrition, with the vision that one day the centuries old oppression and poverty afflicting the people of the Dalit caste will be lifted.

We run this organization fueled with intent and purpose. We are not government funded. We do what we can with money raised through fundraisers, donation drives, and partnering with individuals and organizations that want to help change the world. We are a small group of kind, empathetic, hard-working professionals. We're veterinarians, biologists, students, and professionals who run this organization not in cubicles, but on the ground - understanding that only persistent effort and dedicated work, through personal and caring relationships, will bring about the change for which we strive. 


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

What We've Achieved

  • Partnering with HIT - Building on Decades of India Health Care and Education Services [+]
  • One Health Outreach to Village Women in Uttar Pradesh [+]
  • External Parasites of Livestock in Villages of Uttar Pradesh [+]
  • Village Animal Parasite & Rabies Clinics in Kolahalpur & Lachapur, Uttar Pradesh (2017)
  • Precision Dairy Nutrition for Women’s Self-Help Groups in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh   (2015)
  • Village Dairy Markets - Field Research in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal States (2012)
  • Village Community Resources and Animal Health Survey - Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal States (2012)Rabies Clinic, Kolkata (2011)
  • Canine and Feline Parasites and Rabies in Urban and Village Settings - Field Research, Kolkata and West Bengal (2010)
  • Domestic Animal Husbandry Field Research, Kolkata and West Bengal (2010)
  • Indian Culture and One Health - Field Research, West Bengal (2010).